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Wyatt Earp Days 2009

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Well, it was another rousing weekend this last Memorial Day for Tombstone’s Wyatt Earp Days!  I saw friends there I hadn’t seen in years; those that only come to the event weekends.  Even with all the political hoopla that’s been going on there, I still managed to have a great time.  I even got to sit in on a couple of shows with the Tombstone Territorial Actors; chief of which I was allowed to go up on the balcony above the now “Longhorn Restaurant” but what used to be the “Bucket of Blood Saloon”.  I believe I was up there, along with a Winchester rifle, for about 45 minutes all together.  I even managed to get off 3 rounds before I was “shot”!  Wyatt Earp Days seems to run in a cycle; one year good attendance, the next year, not so good.  This was a good year.  Obviously, there was a noticeable drop compared to yeatrs gone by due to the economy, but not like it was last year.  Tombstone, despite its small-town bickering and politics, still has a lot to offer for those of us seeking a little fun and release from the everyday.  Keep checking back folks, more to come!