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Hugh Jackman in a new western.  Check it out.








Trace Adkins’ ‘The Virginian’

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I liked him in “The Lincoln Lawyer”, but we’ll see how he does in this one.


Dead Man’s Burden

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I like the actress from “Nashville”,  so perhaps this might be worth a look…



Jane Got a Gun

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This looks interesting but I’ve heard it’s had some problem.  Guess we’ll see…


mag_deathI’m looking forward to this one…

Thomas Jane is bringing the Western back to Utah (Salt Lake Tribune).

What a great career!  He will be missed…

Harry Carey Jr., character actor in classic Hollywood Westerns, dies (Entertainment Weekly).

I can’t understand a word but it looks awesome!

Japanese ‘Unforgiven’ Teaser: Ken Watanabe Takes Over a Clint Eastwood Signature Role (slashfilm).

Glad to see Kurt doing another western…

Kurt Russell Saddles Up Again for Gritty Western Bone Tomahawk (chinesemoviesdvd).

This looks like it could be fun…

Wesley Snipes’ Gallowwalkers to Debut at FrightFest (Movie Web).

Does he know there’s a dead bird on his head?

Seven The Lone Ranger Photos with Commentary from Director Gore Verbinski (Movie Web).

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