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Interesting.  Doesn’t specifically say “period piece” but suggests it…

Anthony Michael Hall, Danny Trejo, Mickey Rourke Set For ‘Dead In Tombstone’ Deadline Hollywood.

Geek Gossip: Stephen King’s Dark Tower moves to Warner Bros; TRON 3 could film in 2014 (CoventryTelegraph-GeekFilesBlog?format=xml).


Tombstone Commercial #2 (60 second)

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Heard Museum showcases life of Geronimo

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Heard Museum showcases life of Geronimo Bizjournals.


Check Out This Epic Badass Trailer For History Channel’s HATFIELDS & MCCOYS With Kevin Costner And Bill Paxton Rama’s Screen.


Why Are Westerns a Dying Breed?

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Interesting Article.  I don’t agree with everything here, but some valid points are made.

Why Are Westerns a Dying Breed? Associated content.

Any looking for Extra work….this isn’t all that far away.

Will the Lone Ranger ride in Moab? Salt Lake Tribune.

This show looks liek it might be pretty good.  It has some decent talent, so let’s hope.

Northern New Mexico filming of Longmire TV series examiner.

The Melody Ranch is awesome. If you ever have occasion to visit, take advantage of it.

Santa Clarita-area ranches: Not just for westerns anymore Los Angeles Times.


“Casa de mi Padre” Trailer

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In a word…Ungh!  I need a drink…

“Casa de mi Padre” Trailer (eonline).

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