Apr 242011


May 1, 1880 – The Tombstone Epitaph began publishing daily and weekly editions. John Clum, founder, wrote a two-column editorial which appeared on the front page. It said, in part: “Tombstone is a city set upon a hill, promising to vie with ancient Rome upon her seven hills, in a fame different in character but no less in importance.”




May 2, 1932 – John Philip Clum died in Los Angeles, California.







May 3, 1850 – John Peters Ringo was born in Greenfork, Indiana.



May 5, 1882 – The Tombstone Nugget discontinued publication.


May 10, 1882 – The Tombstone Amateur Dramatic Club presented “H.M.S. Pinafore.”


May 26, 1882 – Tombstone's second great fire started in the restroom of the Tivoli Saloon, on the south side of Allen Street, between Fourth and Fifth. The damages from this great blaze were estimated at $500,000; almost three times the amount of the first fire on June 22, 1881.


May 30, 1887 – An earthquake struck Tombstone and was followed by several aftershocks. The initial temblor was of sufficient strength to crack walls in adobe structures, knock items to the floor and cause every clock in Tombstone to stop. The nearby town of Bisbee reported boulders tumbling from the surrounding mountains. A geyser erupted in Sulphur Springs valley, temporarily flooding miles of desert with water.