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August 13, 1881: Newman "Old Man" Clanton was camped out alongside six other cowboys in Guadalupe Canyon just inside Newman-smthe U.S. border with Mexico. The cattle they had been herding towards Tombstone were believed to have been rustled from Sonora. An ambush occurred in the middle of the night, and five of the seven cowboys were killed: "Old Man" Clanton, Jim Crane, Dixie Gray, Billy Lang and Charles "Bud" Snow. Only Billy Byers and Harry Ernshaw survived. Based on testimony from the survivors, the massacre was attributed to Mexicans. It is believed that the Mexican government sent soldiers to take revenge upon cattle rustlers and murderers that had been striking frequently across the border.
August 14, 1851: John Henry "Doc" Holliday was born in Griffin, Georgia.


August 15, 1880: On the basis of a newly presented deathbed statement by the victim, Morgan Earp re-arrested George Perine near the town of Richmond for the murder of Mike Killeen on June 22nd.
August 17, 1881: A robber managed to steal a 150 pound gold bar while a bullion shipment was being unloaded from the stagecoach in Benson. The loss was valued at $2,000.
August 19, 1884: Down on his luck, "Doc" Holliday was in debt to long-time enemy Billy Allen for five dollars. Unable to repay the debt hollidayon demand, Doc became suspicious that Billy was out to goad him into a gunfight. Since he could not legally carry a firearm in Leadville, Colorado, Doc made contingency plans and had a friend hide his .41 1877 Colt Thunderer under the bar in Hyman's Saloon where he had a room upstairs. As he predicted, Billy Allen came into the saloon looking for Doc with his hands in his pockets and a pistol grip sticking out. Under the circumstances, he assumed Billy was about to pull a gun, so he beat him to it. Doc reached for his pistol and fired three times, striking him once in the upper part of the arm, severing an artery. The wound was not fatal. Put on trial for attempted first-degree murder, Doc was acquitted seven months later in March 1885.




August 30, 1900: Wyatt Earp was reunited with old Tombstone pals George Parsons and John Clum in Nome, Alaska. George fondly wrote in his diary of them enjoying "a regular old Arizona time."