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June 4, 1880 John Clum was appointed postmaster of Tombstone.




June 22, 1880 Mike Killeen attempted to ambush "Buckskin" Frank Leslie in the Cosmopolitan Hotel for having an affair with his wife, when George Perine walked in. A gunfight ensued and Mike was killed. Frank and George were arrested for murder, but the initial determination was that Frank had shot Mike in self-defense.


June 22, 1881 While the bartender checked a bad barrel of liquor slated for return, an open flame from a match caused the fumes to ignite and fire to break out at the Arcade Saloon, located on the north side of Allen Street, between Fifth and Sixth. The resulting explosion and subsequent fire destroyed 66 stores, saloons, restaurants and other businesses in a four-block area.




June 28, 1881 After the continued absence of Chief of Police Ben Sippy following a two-week leave, the city council appointed Virgil Earp as Tombstone's new police chief.