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November 2, 1880 : Initial results gave incumbent Charles Shibell a slim lead over Bob Paul for Pima County Sheriff. Bob challenged the count, and in April 1881 the courts declared him the winner.



November 4, 1879 : George Hinckle defeated "Bat" Masterson for the position of Sheriff for Ford County, Kansas by a vote of 404 to 268. Bat still kept his position until the new sheriff was sworn in on January 12, 1880. That same day, Bat also resigned his commission as Deputy U.S. Marshal.



November 7, 1876 : Texas Rangers arrested Johnny Ringo and George Gladden for the murder of Charley Bader.




November 8, 1887 : John Henry "Doc" Holliday died of miliary tuberculosis at about 10:00am in the Hotel Glenwood in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He was only 36 years old.




November 9, 1880 : Wyatt Earp resigned as Deputy Sheriff of Pima County to support the candidacy of Bob Paul. Sheriff Charles Shibell appointed Johnny Behan to succeed Wyatt.



November 12, 1880 : A special election was held to select a replacement for late City Marshal Fred White. Ben Sippy defeated Virgil Earp, 311 to 259.


November 14, 1882 : After an argument with "Buckskin" Frank Leslie in the Oriental Saloon, Billy "the Kid" Claiborne retrieved a Winchester rifle from home and returned to the saloon to call him out. When Frank walked onto the street, they exchanged gunfire. Frank killed Billy in self-defense on Fifth Street between the Oriental and the Crystal Palace.


November 29, 1879 : The Earps arrived in Tombstone. They secured a small adobe structure on Allen Street and made their initial home there, paying $40 per month in rent.